Today is not brought to you by the letters F or G

Last week my toddler removed the F and G keys _rom my keyboard. To demonstrate how annoyin_ this is I have decided to blank out all the Fs and Gs in this blo_ post to demonstrate my _rustration. I mean I can still use those keys but now I have to stab at them vi_orously to _et them to work. There seems to be no immediate solution either. I asked my husband to _ix it as he is Mr IT but it appears that our toddler ate the crucial parts that attach the keys to the keyboard which is _eek speak for “Just put up with it my dear”

I’ve also seem to have mislaid the mouse pointer next to the G key but I’m almost certain that one _ot eaten.


Who makes keyboards anyway? They really should employ a couple o_ toddlers to road test them be_ore releasin_ them to the unassumin_ public.

I _ind it curious how this used to be my laptop but now my toddler _ives me daily reminders about “sharin_” and that it’s not my turn now it’s his. And i_ I don’t like it then I need to sit in the corner and have a think about it. I’m bein_ undone by my own rules da_nabit!


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