Spring – spending time in the garden

Spring has sprung and so have the weeds in my garden. It’s one of those seemingly neverending tasks that I really love doing. I enjoy weeding a little bit each day. I adore the smell of  freshly turned soil, the surprise of how easy some weeds come out and the joy of spending time with my children in the garden. My son played happily in the dirt with a cup, a bowl and a piece of plastic pipe while I weeded around him. He was feeding the worms and digging while having a delightful time outside in the sunshine. It made me think how lovely the simple pleasures in life can be.

Have you visited a great garden lately? I make a habit of visiting the botanical gardens of each city that I visit. Here’s a few Aussie favourites that I have been to… the Royal Botanical Gardens overlooking the azure waters of Sydney Harbour, Mount Tomah Botanic Gardens in the Blue Mountains with cool climate plants, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens in Hobart has fantastic views of the Derwent River and a terrific veggie patch, the George Brown Botanical Gardens in Darwin with it’s wonderful children’s playground and tropical plants, Alice Springs Desert Park is a great place to visit before “going walkabout” in the various desert climates and Perth’s incredible gem of a garden on the city’s shoreline, Kings Park.

What’s your favourite garden?


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