Judging a book by its cover

I don’t normally judge books by their covers. I don’t normally judge anything on face value but when I saw a hybrid car in my ‘hood last week with the number plate “smug” my eyes rolled and I felt just a little queasy. I mean surely just owning a hybrid car is, in itself, “smug” but to actually have the number plate to match?

I wondered how much more interesting the reactions would be if I replaced the “u” with other vowels. Here’s my attempts – what’s yours?

SMAG – short magazine

SMEG – just for the Red Dwarf fans. More common usage – smeg head

SMIG – a smirk and a giggle

SMOG – a far better commentary on our ailing environment!

SMUG – just some ejit in an electric car…

Here’s hoping that this car doesn’t belong to one of my seven loyal followers! ;o)


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