A midnight cuddle

So what does it feel like to not sleep for 5 months? Pretty bad actually. Pretty awful. I really do love midnight cuddles with my baby girl. But not every night. And not 5 or 6 times every night. To be fair to her, she’s had a rough trot. Reflux at 4 months. She eventually grew out of that. Then at 9 months she contracted a bug called Clostridium difficile. When I saw a bug I mean a REALLY NASTY bacteria that even shocked the doctors when the blood tests results came back as it’s usually caused by antibiotics but she hasn’t ever had any.

But that’s my girl she’s a trouper.  Nothing will set her back in life. She’s a determined, cheery delightful child who is one of the happiest children I’ve met. At night though, it’s a different story. She has an incredibly LOUD scream and stamina to boot. My friend minded our kids for a few hours while we went to the theatre a few weeks ago and even she was surprised at how loud she was and how long it went on for.  And she has experience with her daughter’s sleep time habits.

So what to do? In desperation I called Tresillian for help. They referred me back to my local health clinic who listened to my story and wrote me a referral instantly. And now we’re going for a four-day “holiday” to a Tresillian residential clinic. Changes won’t happen overnight. I’m not expecting miracles. I’m looking for help, advice and ultimately support during those wee hours when it’s all so hard and incredibly loud. A plan would be nice too!


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  1. Alex Price-Randall
    Nov 01, 2012 @ 06:41:27

    A beautiful post Caro. You are a patient and compassionate mummy. Hope all goes well at Tresillian and looking forward to seeing you next week x


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