Losing the plot

So here I am at Tresillian with my baby girl trying to facilitate good sleeping practices and I’ve stupidly packed my ebook reader. Like I’ll have time to read it?!

I’ve just started Game of Thrones, Storm of Swords, Book 3, Part 2, herein known as GOT3.2

I’ve loved the books and the TV series. My husband hasn’t read the books but is addicted to the TV series for entirely unwholesome reasons.

I was hooked on the books from the get-go, its got castles, battles, heroes and villains but now I’m up to GOT3.2 I must confess that I can’t tell my Starks from my Lannisters. There are too many Brandon Starks for starters and the Lannisters must have bred like rabbits! There seems to be a Lannister “3rd cousin twice removed” every few chapters. And I can’t recall whose dead, alive or just plain missing. Oh does anyone else think that Eddard Stark was Jon Snow’s uncle not his father? It’s my theory but I’m fed up with waiting so I might have to email GRRM (G.R.R. Martin) himself.

To prepare myself for GOT3.2 I decided to freshen up on the GOT Wiki site.

Have you ever been so hooked on a book that it’s hard to come back to reality? Which book was it?


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  1. upcycleblog
    Nov 03, 2012 @ 10:32:28

    The Hunger Games book 1 recently, when I was a teen I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, how times have changed, I still love I capture the castle but would teens now feel the same?


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