Five finger discount

Sometimes having a disability (small d) comes with certain entitlements. As a “small d” I don’t qualify for the better parking spaces, or cheaper taxis but I do like to ask for a five finger discount when having a manicure. I’ve only got one hand with fingers so it’s always worth negotiating.

I don’t want you to think I have manicures all the time. I have two toddlers to chase after so it’s a special treat for me if I have an event to attend.

I can only recall one time when I was declined. It was in Melbourne about 8 years ago just before I went to a dance event with a work colleague. I explained my situation and they said no. I’m talking about you Hollywood Nails, Chadstone! So I turned around and walked as did the customer behind me. (I love spontaneous solidarity) I’m not sure if the nail people thought it was a prank or if they just really didn’t understand what I was saying, either way, I went somewhere else and they lost a customer.

Have you ever asked for something different and got nothing in return? It’s not a great feeling is it.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to talk about celebrating ABILITY and all the amazing people I have met along the journey.



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