Abilities and more…

I know I said in the last post that I would be back tomorrow but life happened and I haven’t been near a computer for about a week. Unpredictable! That’s just the way life is with two toddlers.

I wanted to make my final post about disability (small d) about the amazing people that I’ve met or heard about along the way. When I stayed at Tresillian a few weeks ago one of the night nurses had a hand very similar to mine. We struck up a conversation in the wee hours when I said “Oh look, we’re a matching set” as she had a right little hand and I have a left one. She has children in their early twenties and mentioned to me that her disability did not pass on to her children (neither did mine) She had the most incredible dexterity and was making intricate beading to fill in the wee hours. I have always used my hand as an excuse to get out of sewing cause I find it fiddly so guess I will have to find another excuse now!

In March last year I watched Australian Story’s episode about Paul de Gelder, a navy diver who survived a shark attack in Sydney Harbour. The episode is not for the faint-hearted, the photos and footage were quite gory but wow what a survivor and what a handsome guy! I swear after watching this episode I will never tell anyone that I was attacked by a shark!

As it’s almost Christmas time the next few posts will be focused on presents, Santa and shopping centres!


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