Moving generally in 1 Direction

I thought I’d seen it all but as I was casually flicking through a Christmas brochure the other day I came across an ad for 1 Directions dolls – Collect them all! So what does a 1 Direction doll do exactly? It can’t sing or dance (art imitating life!)

Do you remember when dolls were action figures? Like He-Man and the Masters of the Universe? Or what about their arch nemesis Skeletor? We were fortunate enough to own a Castle Grayskull when I was growing up. It even had a hidden trapdoor. And the He-Man action figure used to do an amazing scissor kick thing with his leg to counteract Skeletor’s deadly karate chop. Now they were real action dolls that I was proud to own.

If someone gave me a 1 Direction doll, it would do just that. Go in 1 direction… into my rubbish bin.



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  1. alison
    Dec 14, 2012 @ 12:06:34

    hahahahaha! i thought the same thing when i saw it – can not believe what some companies will make. absolutely ridiculous.


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