Oh Christmas tree

We decorated the Christmas tree. The 3.5 year old, the 15 month old and me.  I should have listened to the voice in my head that shouted “decorate it on the weekend when your husband is home” but I didn’t and it was a learning experience.

Christmas tree decoration 1.0

We pulled the el-cheapo plastic tree from the box. It looked as sad and neglected as the sorry day I bought it. I pulled out the branches but it still looked very forlorn. Then I conveniently forgot that the baubles were made of glass till my 3.5 year old crushed one of them. After cleaning up that mess (no blood I promise!) we raced up to the shops to buy some cheap plastic baubles. We bought butterflies, present shaped decorations, stars and baubles. Back home again.

Christmas tree decoration 2.0

The plastic decorations were cheap. So cheap in fact that they didn’t have any string attached so I had to re-use the string from the discarded glass baubles. Once the string was attached we decorated the tree again. It actually looked quite good for a cheap plastic tree with cheap plastic decorations. We decided that there would be no glass baubles and no lights = no worries. Well not quite…

Christmas tree decoration 3.0

You’ve heard of the song “Agadoo?” You know “Agadoo-doo-doo, push pineapple, shake the tree” Well that’s what the kidlets did. They shook the tree till it broke in half and the plastic decorations fell all over the floor. Actually it was pretty funny to watch and now that they’ve done it once, the novelty factor has worn off and only a few decorations get yanked off each day.

Here’s a picture of an inspiring living Christmas tree I saw in The Rocks on our way to my husband’s work Christmas party last week. I thought it was magnificent!



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