So what would you like for Christmas?

It’s about a week till Christmas and my husband throws me a casual line about “What would you like for Christmas?” over dinner. Over the years I’ve become fairly clued up on what this question really means. There are usually just three options:

  1. I haven’t thought about it at all and I’m starting to freak out
  2. I have thought about it but I still haven’t a clue
  3. I have a techie-geeky idea that I’ve decided you’ll really like/benefit from

You guessed it. Option 3! Again.

You see a few months ago my keyboard lost its letters F & G. So he thought it would be a good and practical idea to get a new keyboard and power supply for the laptop. Practical? Yes. Good? Well it would be helpful. Fun? Not really.

Perhaps I should play a trick on him? I could find an empty jewellery box, put a little note inside that says “Hint hint!” just to point him in the general direction of what I would really like for Christmas.

Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t really “want?” What did you do with it?


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