Christmas card writing 101

I have always been a diligent Christmas letter writer. I have even been known to send out Christmas cards in November but last year, for the first time since I was about 14, I didn’t write any at all. In my defence I can honestly say I was busy like I have never been busy before. With a four month old baby girl and an active 2.5 year old son who had decided that he really didn’t need daysleeps anymore I really couldn’t be bothered writing cards and letters. Any “spare” time I had was entirely devoted to sleeping!

Not writing Christmas cards and letters was an interesting lesson for me in what really matters. Not that I thought that the sky would fall in but I had a major guilty feelings about not connecting with people who I had always connected to and I didn’t want to end up on a do-not-send-to list!

I’ve resolved that I will write Christmas cards this year. I have even taken them out of the box already. What a great start! I’ve completed a photo montage and had them printed and scribbled some notes about “what we’ve done this year” It turns out that it wasn’t a lot really. Playdates, cake making, tea drinking and a few family activities. Gone are the days of looping the world on exotic and ambitious round-the-world trips with snowboarding in Canada, a wedding in the country in England, being a culture vulture in Paris and relaxing on the beach in Thailand… No these days it’s more like walking the double pram to playgroup, riding scooters, changing cloth nappies and reading favourite books aloud. Oh how times have changed! Not that I regret the changes, it’s just that the thrills these days are more on the domestic front like watching my baby girl learn to walk or embracing my son’s enthusiasm for starting preschool in a few weeks time.

I still get a real buzz from opening the letter box at this time of year and finding Christmas cards. Today we had two letters from Santa. See he is real. Told you.

Do you still write Christmas cards/letters?


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