A distinct lack of vices

So it’s New Years Day and the same old question comes punching out of the bag “What’s your New Year’s Resolution?”

The problem for me is my distinct lack of vices. I am an extremely boring person. I would actually have to create a habit in order to break one.

  • I don’t smoke and never have
  • I don’t do drugs either and never have
  • I only drink socially (and even that’s quite rare)

Overall I’m rather dull.

I did stop drinking coffee for a while, 7 years in total but then I had two children and very quickly became a dedicated coffee drinker. Every cup helps!

The only thing I could give up would be my daily cups of tea but like that’s going to happen! In my blog a few months ago I sent an open letter to Clive of India. I love excellent tea and I’m not giving it up. Ever.

Are there any vices that you want to give up this year?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sacha
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 12:26:56

    Would love to give up any infections that come my way. The drugs they give us now are making me worse not better. I’m not giving up wine or Baileys, as they help me tackle the 3 kids issues. I’m not a smoker or fitness fanatic. Love my body 🙂


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