Days like these…

Days like this one don’t come along that often. Catastrophic fire conditions are forecast in 3 states today (New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania) And we’re all very nervous.

In recent days in Tasmania and only 4 years ago in Victoria those nerves gave way to a terrifying reality. Victoria’s Black Saturday was horrendous and tragic on an enormous scale.

Fire prepared plan: Get kids and I to a safe place. If I’ve got more time save some stuff but realistically it’s just “stuff”.

If you can’t leave: Close all windows and doors. Lock yourself in the bathroom and fill the bath with water. Wet some towels and breathe through the towels if it gets smoky. Wear long clothing to protect yourself from burns.

Check these sites regularly NSW Rural Fire Service, Victorian Country Fire Authority and the Tasmania Fire Service.

Stay indoors and stay safe. Prepare Act Survive.


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  1. sarah menary
    Jan 08, 2013 @ 08:27:06

    Thanks for the tip about breathing through wet towels in bathroom with water in bath. We are prepared to leave but if for some reason it all happened to quickly that is good to know. Looking forward to another day dawning, best wishes Sarah


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