Mates with pools

My friend once sent me a tongue-in-cheek email about which friends you can benefit from the most. According to this email, the most important friends that a person can have are:

  • Friends with a trailer (that’s me and no I don’t want to help you move house again)
  • Friends with a HUGE television for watching the extended, director’s cut, redux edition of Lord of the Rings (not me)
  • Friends with pools (also not me)

Now I don’t know about you, but I think at this time of year in Sydney it’s best to hit up “mates with pools” Let’s face it, the weather is ridiculously humid and uncomfortable so why not spend it in a pool?

My friends in Far North Queensland and the Northern Territory have a word to describe people like me… soft. They’re used to the heat and humidity and tend to glow more than sweat.  How do they do it?



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