Over there be dragons…

Happy St. David’s Day Welshies!

A long time ago (18 years) I moved to Wales for a year and worked in a girls boarding school in a little town called Monmouth. In a roundabout way it fulfilled a childhood fantasy of mine. I’d devoured Enid Blyton books as a child and at the grand age of 11 announced to my parents that I wanted to go to boarding school. They sent me to the local girls’ high school instead but I finally got my wish after I finished school and completed a gap year in Wales.

I researched Monmouth in books (cause er… the internet wasn’t really around then) and found out that it had the only remaining mediaeval fortified river bridge in the UK, an archaelogical dig in the High St. and King Henry V was born there! I thought “Wow! What a hotbed of history and intrigue”. So you can imagine my disappointment as most locals found the one-car-at-a-time bridge an inconvenience and that no one had been to the archaelogical dig except me.

I had been raised on a diet of BBC TV and English authors thanks to my mother’s side of the family being dyed-in-the-wool Lancastrians so I wrongly assumed that ye-old-stuff was just as interesting for me as it was for others.

I met a great bunch of people that year and had some awesome experiences at local places like Symonds Yat, the Forest of Dean, Hereford United FC games (Back the Bulls!), the Wye Valley, Tintern and Ross-on-Wye.

So this week’s posts will be dedicated to all things Welsh!



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