The most annoying Welshman in the world…

I know it seems churlish to complain about a Welshmen when Wales just thumped their ancient foes England in the 6 Nations Championship over the weekend (well done boys!) but I intend to leave no stone unturned in my investigations into poor childrens’ television.

I’m talking about the most-annoying of childrens’ television shows Fireman Sam. I don’t have a problem with Sam himself but there is an annoying little kid called Norman Price that’s in almost every episode. Seriously if he falls down another hole again do us all a favour and leave him there!

And Pontypuddle or whatever the place is called (Pontypandy) must be the driest place in Wales is it not? I mean it hardly rains at all. When I lived in Monmouth in South East Wales for a year, I sent funny postcard about the weather to my Mum in Sydney. There were two sheep standing in the rain. Above one sheep it said “Wales in Summer” and above the other one it said “Wales in Winter” It rains a lot. You get my drift.

Anyway I digress. It’s not even Norman Price that bothers me, it’s the Aussie bloke Tom. I actually found out today that his name is Tom Thomas. I met a real life Tom Thomas in North Wales. No one else seemed to find it as hysterically funny as I did. That was a bit awkward. I mean didn’t his parents have an imagination? Or was it just easier to remember one name?

On the Fireman Sam website it says that Tom Thomas was originally from Australia but he sounds like he’s just walked off the set of Crocodile Dundee and into Fireman Sam. I mean who seriously says “Flaming wallabies!” anyway? Just saying he’s not really representative of our fine Aussie accent. You shame us Tom Thomas.

On second thought perhaps I should have named this post the most annoying Aussie bloke in the world?


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  1. Helen
    Sep 28, 2013 @ 09:22:39

    I could write a PHD on Fireman Sam I’ve seen so much of it. Hey – I bet someone already has… Anyway, if you think it’s a bad show, you should go to the library and hunt down the old un-revisioned version. It’s laughably ‘un PC’. Dylis almost constantly has her hair in rollers and her voice is done by a man aka Monty Python’s old women characters. A female firefighter appears for the first time and it’s all freaky deaky, they can’t believe it’s a woman and basically her only role is as a love interest for Sam.
    Now I’m going to share something with you that’s pretty scary. My eldest (you know his name but under the circumstances I don’t want us to be identified), is obsessed with Fireman Sam and his ROLE MODEL is Norman Price. Actually if Norman wasn’t older I could have sworn Norman was based on HIM. If you visited our house at the wrong time you might walk right in on me being forced to pretend to be Dylis and my son pretending to be Norman. He actually calls me Dylis for half the day and makes me speak in her voice and accent and I have to call him Norman. He especially likes it when I say in a high pitched Welsh accent, “I’ll flatten you Norman”. Now tell me that’s not scary!


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