Flying solo

I had the pleasure of flying solo for a few days while husband-o-mine was in Western Australia for work. It was in many ways, a real pleasure. There’s that old saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and I have to admit that it’s true! The kids and I did miss him but we also had a lovely time together. I could indulge myself a little. For a couple of nights I managed to get them both into by 6.30pm thanks to the end of daylight savings it gets dark early! Then I could watch my TV shows or read a book. Though I love catching up with my husband on our days trials and joys, I also really enjoy some ME time.

I also had some lovely conversations with my son over the last week too. At the playground the other day he told me he was riding his horse to Perth so he could visit Daddy. He wanted to follow me to the car the other day and when I asked him why he said it’s cause he loved me. Great answer! I’m so glad I asked that question…

Have you ever had a good time when you thought it was going to be a chore?


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