Cheat sheet to flying solo

I mentioned yesterday that I spent the last 5 days and nights flying solo. The kids and I had a blast! It turns out husband-o-mine will be flying off again soon for another work trip so I thought I would share my cheat sheet with you in case you find yourself flying solo too.

  • Take them to the shops, feed them donuts and let them run riot in the play area. This is conducive to good days sleeps and quality down time (craft, puzzles etc)
  • Feed them cheese on toast for dinner. It’s like junk food but it’s good for you… (sort of)
  • Put them to bed at 6.30pm then blame the weatherman for making it go dark early ( This is the only benefit of the end of daylight savings)
  • Watch kids movies – Finding Nemo, Wall-E, Madagascar (they’re actually very funny!)
  • Go out with the kids, visit parks, go to parties, fill the day with fun activities.

Have you got any tips you could share?


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