Snot face

I thought I was outta the woods almost 3 weeks after my tonsillectomy, sinus and septoplasty operation. Until today I was doing so well and had weaned myself off my impressive collection of painkillers but then my nose started clogging up again today. Scary things came out of there. Sneezed out actually. It was so incredibly painful, far worse than the actual post operation blues period. I actually contemplated cutting the end off my nose today!

So out of sheer desperation I rang up a doctor friend of mine and being the super-connected guy that he is he made some pertinent calls so I didn’t have to sit in ER for hours to be sent home with paracetamol.

He prescribed:

  • Go see your ENT surgeon tomorrow
  •  Take Nurofen (I love you Nurofen)
  • Sleep

Yes sir! Good night.



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