Give peas a chance

Husband-o-mine has accused me of feeding our children sausages every night which is of course a HUGE exaggeration as I only do it every second night. Our son now tells me he doesn’t like sausages which is such a shame as it was one of my weekly staples. Sausages fit nicely into that look-at-the-time what-will take-10-minutes-to-cook category.

Sometimes I flick the telly on in the evenings and see that Masterchef show where the contestants cry into their proverbial soups cause their soufflé sank and I think “Why are YOU crying?” My kids should be the ones crying. We have scrambled eggs one night, sausages the next, a cooked chicken or spaghetti bolognese – quick, simple and sometimes very burnt.

Husband-o-mine is a fab chef actually. I would be too if I wasn’t looking after tired out children but I think the difference is that he enjoys the process of cooking whereas I would prefer just to eat it. I’m a simple girl with simple needs.

So children everywhere, please don’t be too hard on your Mummy and give peas a chance… She does love you!



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  1. Ness Hodgins
    May 10, 2013 @ 15:48:20

    Super article as always. I love reading each and every one you write but this one particularly tickled me as its much the same in my house. xx


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