The Queen of Distraction

So where have I been for weeks? I wish I could give you an exciting answer but really I’ve just been in Busyland. I’ve got two toddlers, I’m studying part-time and running a playgroup. Plus washing, ironing (did I say ironing… well that’s a lie right there) cooking and cleaning. What an exciting life I lead. 😐

Yesterday I was supposed to be doing assignments all day. It’s amazing how when I have a deadline I get so distracted my Facebook and messages, email and even health fund claims! When it comes to distraction, I am Queen of them all.

I did manage to complete all 3 assignments and do a fabulous presentation on crocheting that evening. I’ve really enjoyed studying but now the course is coming to a close and I have to find-a-job. *Yawn* Though my current job as a stay-at-home mum doesn’t pay well (or at all) as I have bemoaned before in my post about needing a house slave I have to say it’s the most rewarding and incredibly difficult job I’ve had. I love my cheeky monkeys to bits!

When are you the most distracted and why?


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