Job hunting vs. dating

You must have been wondering where I have been all this time. I’m running the job hunting gauntlet. It’s funny how it wears you down after a while.

At first I was totally pumped. Resumes and cover letters flowed like water out of my sent items. Now it’s more of a trickle as fewer jobs are advertised.

And THEN, when I do get an interview it’s like an awkward first date. There are so many hidden rules to stay on top of!

  1. Don’t mention the ex in bad terms. Don’t be too specific… it wasn’t working out between us, I wanted a new challenge (rather than the conditions were terrible!)
  2. Let them call you. Be engaging but not overly keen. Interested but not desperate.
  3. Commitment. I’m in if you are but are you?
  4. Who pays and how much… similar to “holding the door open for a lady” situation. It’s offensive not to offer but what happens if she rejects the offer all together?
  5. When do you call back? Should you call them or wait for them to call you?
  6. Was it something I said? Or didn’t say?
  7. Expectation. Will there be another meet up? Will we talk more about commitment, money and how we’ll “work together”?
  8. When do you move on and look for new “opportunities”? Should you let them know it isn’t an exclusive relationship?

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