How to succeed at IKEA without really trying…

Mission: To buy only what you came for

  1. Enter IKEA facility
  2. Collect a trolley (without wobbly wheels)
  3. Review your shopping list
  4. Do not add ANY “new, interesting and completely unpronounceable thingies to your list”. See Step 3.
  5. Enter the EXIT. That’s right the exit.
  6. Locate your items in storage area and add them to your trolley
  7. Purchase item/s ONLY on shopping list. See Step 3.
  8. Leave IKEA and pack in your car
  9. Go home

I  loathe going to IKEA. It’s just so neat and organised and sooo tidy. I find it INTIMIDATING. Plus, they hide the exit so I have to wander through all the different areas of IKEA and be constantly reminded how unorganised my own home is. My stuff is in cupboards. You almost have to sign a waiver to open them. “Please sign here lest any objects fall on your head. No claims for damages, blah, blah, blah.”

So I devised this little action plan on entering via the exit! It’s pure genius! No impulse buys as everything is in boxes, no queuing cause you’ve already sussed which cashier is the fastest. Just straight in and out!

My record is 10 minutes. What’s yours?



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